Dr. Andrew J.Castellano

Dr. Castellano is the Chief Medical Officer at JBISOFTWARE, INC. He provides a clinical approach to the advancement of medical technology, through medical advice and expertise. He understands the growing relevance and necessity that technology holds in healthcare. In this position, he strives to integrate evidence based medicine and proper patient care into the vision and works of JBISOFTWARE, INC. and assures that the technology is up to date, appropriate, and beneficial for both patients and physicians.

Dr. Castellano earned his Bachelor’s degree from Fordham University where his focus was in both Biology and Sociology.

He then attended the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine where he earned a Certificate in Biomedical Sciences and a Degree of Osteopathic Medicine. He is currently completing his residency in Internal Medicine at the New York University School of Medicine, Brooklyn Campus. He continues to be involved heavily with research focused in cardiovascular disease, earning him the American Physiological Society Research Travel Award in 2016.

Dr. Castellano’s background and everyday experiences working among patients with language and cultural barriers give him first hand insight into the wants and needs of a diverse patient population, which makes him a valuable asset towards JBISOFTWARE, INC’s mission.