Billy D. Duc

Billy D. Duc is the Founder and CEO of JBISOFTWARE, INC. a company dedicated to solving translation related barriers in every industry all over the world. He gathered over 16 years of information technology and healthcare experience while working for Fortune 500 companies such as Prudential Securities, AXA Financials, American Home Mortgage and Interfaith Medical Services. Billy acquired knowledge and expertise of the technology and health care industries are mountainous.

His deep passion for computer information systems was sparked during his tenure as a college intern at Prudential Securities, where company leaders introduced him to the world of CIS and mentored him along the way. As a result, Billy decided to pursue a career as an IT professional, landing various roles at Prudential Securities, and Laurie Tisch as a Field Technician and Desktop Support Analyst.

In 2009, he joined Interfaith Medical Center in Brooklyn, NY to spearhead the transition of paper medical documents to digital files. It was there that Billy was introduced to the EMR (Electronic Medical Record) world that ultimately became the catalyst for JBISOFTWARE, INC.. Billy later went on to assist hospitals such as Nyu, Yale, Duke, LIJ, MD Anderson and many more Health Care Facilities all over the country with their transitional Go-Lives,Training, and Analyst, collecting countless credentials and skills.

Upon discovering the challenges of medical staffs faced when needing to communicate and transpose pertinent medical documentation into the new digital format for non-English speaking patients, due to the lack of accessible and reliable translators, Billy knew he had to create a solution for this essential and life-saving problem.

With the help of his co-founder Jeff Zamor, JBISOFTWARE, INC. was developed to break language and service barrier to make communication effective and efficient in any industry.

Billy now spends his time developing new and improved technology for JBISOFTWARE, INC. that can provide any industry with the ability to connect and communicate with their customers in any language at any time.