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    Motivation, Excellence, Responsibility, Integrity & Trust


Committed to becoming the leading force in software translation worldwide!

JBISOFTWARE, INC. founded in 2014, is a privately owned company that specializes in translation software. We are dedicated to solving translation obstacles in every industry and all over the world, primarily with our leading product called TWS “Translation Worldwide Software”.
TWS is the only translation solution capable of eliminating miscommunication, misdiagnosis’, patient mortality and the potential for litigation due to treating patients with limited English proficiency (LEP). JBI is fully aware that miscommunication is not limited to LEP. Which is why we also offer 24/7 sign language translation.
Because many communication errors occur after the clinical consultation. For example, lack of understanding medication instructions, or the inability to comprehend educational literature or follow up instructions. JBI provides document translation services, allowing the patient to read in his or her native language.
Our primary focus is to support our clients with top-notch translation services and software so they may communicate efficiently and effectively with their customers and consumers.
We will continue to develop leading edge solutions and partner with innovative companies that match our passion for making better health care possible.
JBI’s leadership consists of industry veterans with more than a century of combined experience. This combination of experience and passion makes JBISOFTWARE, INC. the ideal company to partner with.

  • JBI Commitment

    We are committed to being the leading force in software translation for all of our clients. We strive to be the best and provide the best-in-class service to our industries.

  • Values

    Our core values are based upon Motivation, Excellence, Responsibility, Integrity & Trust (MERIT)

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